Gather Round: Education

In early 2016, Chattanooga decided to get serious about improving our public education system. An initiative called Chattanooga 2.0 was formed to transform education and workforce development to better-align with the growing opportunity in our city. They released a thorough report that outlined the concerning state of our local school system, and invited the entire city to engage in 100 days of conversation to build awareness about the issue. Causeway partnered with Chattanooga 2.0 to create a toolkit that allowed individual community members to take the wealth of information in the report, and boil it down so that it could be easily discussed over the dinner table. 

We asked Chattanoogans to host small gatherings of their friends and acquaintances to start a discussion about education. From homes in Highland Park and Hixson, to churches on MLK Boulevard and coffee shops downtown, a diverse group of community members led these discussion groups around Chattanooga. A conversation led by a millennial might look totally different than one led by parents and educators, and that is the beauty of it. The feedback from these conversations helped shape the strategies and solutions that Chattanooga 2.0 plans to put into action to improve our education system.

The Gather Round Toolkit was so helpful and successful, that Causeway and Chattanooga 2.0 created a second version that summarizes the strategies and solutions that were built by the community during the 100 days of conversation. Both toolkits can be downloaded here, printed at home, and immediately put to work to raise awareness and start a discussion with your friends and neighbors over a meal.


Download the Toolkits:

Toolkit 1 summarizes the report released by Chattanooga 2.0 in January of 2016. This report is full of stats and facts that paint a concerning picture of Chattanooga's education system. The toolkit includes instructions for the night, stats, conversation starters and strategies to lead you through a discussion. 


Toolkit 2 summarizes the strategies that were collectively built from all of the community feedback gathered during the 100 days of conversation. Chattanooga 2.0 is asking for additional feedback as they prepare to put these strategies into action.