Causeway hosts two major events every year: The COTYs (Changemaker of the Year Awards) in the spring, and 1TABLE in the fall. We rely on corporate sponsors to make those events happen, and to support our work throughout the rest of the year. 


­­­Creating social change is not just for the people who know the right people.

We get the chance to meet tons of passionate people who are doing amazing things for our city. Most of the time, these are not the people in the spotlight. They are the people rolling up their sleeves, working tirelessly in their neighborhoods and communities to create lasting change.

The Changemaker of the Year Awards (COTYs) are an annual celebration of Chattanooga’s emerging grassroots leaders. Each year, we nominate five people who really knocked our socks off. Then we ask the public to read their story, and cast a vote. The winner receives a $500 cash prize that they can spend on themselves or their cause. 


We believe that to build a city that is an honest reflection of its residents, everyone should be invited to the table.

1TABLE is Causeway's annual city-wide Thanksgiving potluck. Every year on the Monday before Thanksgiving, we shut down a block on MLK Boulevard for Chattanoogans to come together and share a meal in the middle of Martin Luther King Boulevard at one long table, to remove barriers and bring people together from across Chattanooga.

The first year, 700 people showed up. Since then, 1TABLE has continued to grow in numbers, and in heart. This year, 1,500 people joined us, with the vast majority making a clear effort to introduce themselves to someone they would not otherwise have a chance to meet. 100% of the people who took our event survey reported that they met someone new


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